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11 April 2009 @ 02:05 pm
Because some people might be wondering what happened.  
I know that most people on my flist friended me for my Twilight fanfiction (especially My Singer since it's my only multi-chaptered one) but I have to tell you that My Singer is discontinued and that I don't plan on writing it anymore.  Sorry.  I ran out of inspiration and I don't like Twilight the way that I used to.  However, I will continue to write drabbles and oneshots and I am actually planning to write some more HP fanfic too, if that's any consolation.  Sorry for being a lazy whore.

Also, here's something else that's interesting: I plan on using this journal more often for reasons other than fanfic.  For instance, I might feel the need to rant or talk about my ~feelings.  haha.  So, those are the main changes that I'm making.  Once again, sorry.  Feel free to de-friend me.  
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